Monday, May 02, 2005

Book Review~"Understanding Exposure" by: Bryan F. Peterson

In this book, Mr. Peterson deals solely with the ways to obtain great exposures. He explains aperture, shutter speed, exposure, different lighting situations, and film types, exceptionally well. I have personally enjoyed the chapters about understanding f-stops and aperture. Since this book is not a crash course on all types of photography, you can sit back, relax, and concentrate on only one subject (exposure), and the immediate, relative, elements.
Mr. Peterson has included many pictures in Understanding Exposure and explains how he achieved the effect in each one. I have found it is easier to understand certain effects when I have a visual example. One of which is a bucket of tulips taken on a sunny day and on an overcast day. Pictures on overcast days tend to have greater color saturation, which makes the colors stand out! (Now you know why landscaping books use pictures taken on cloudy days. It makes the flowers in the landscape look fantastic!) Minus a couple pictures of statues "swimming in the sky" (and taken from the rear), there are no extremely offensive images to be found in these pages.
The information has been very instructive and helpful to me, as I continue to learn the different ways to obtain great pictures! I look through the book often, and it is one of my primary photographic resources.
For a focus on exposure, Understanding Exposure is a gem for my photography bookshelf and I hope you will check it out!

Allison Marshall
Fringe Focus Editor/Contributor


  1. Allison,

    Do co-Editors get first dibs on borrowing this one?


  2. Sarah,

    Yes. And for those of you who want to purchase the book, I think I bought off or


  3. I totally agree with you, Allison on this book! I also found it very helpful and hope to be able to purchase it in the near future! (Thanks for letting me borrow it!)
    I would also recommend the author's earlier book, titled "Learning to see Creatively".
    It has great information and ideas to making photography even more fun with using different lenses and techniques!

    Grace <><


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