Monday, August 22, 2005

Attention Photographers! We are now presenting a Photo Lover's Critique!

Celtic Maiden

Jungle Bridge

Porch Post

Three panelists have been chosen to answer the following questions:

  1. What gives the greatest impact in each of the pictures?
  2. What do you like about the three photos?
  3. Are there any changes that if made, would make the compositions better?

I would enjoy any other comments on my photos as well!



  1. Allison,
    Thanks for asking me to do this, though I don't really feel knowledgeable enough to be a critique of photographs but I will try to the best I my ability. So....

    For Question # 1. I think the main thing that gives the greatest impact in all three of the pictures is the lighting, especially in the Porch post and the Jungle bridge.

    For Question # 2. In the Celtic Maiden picture there seems to be a sense of thoughtfulness and quiet meditation. The Jungle Bridge shows ethnical style and design, and just the way the picture was taken makes me want to see whats around the corner! Finally I must say I really like the last photo, Porch Post! From the point of an artist, the shapes in the picture really stand out and the shadows and light make it a superb composition!!!


    For Question # 3. Well, from what I can see, I think that the first photo, Celtic Maiden is possibly lacking more color, and a different background. Also, for the Jungle Bridge, the light could have been a little brighter, but other wise I think you did a great job Allison and thanks again for asking me to do this!!

    Have a blessed week!

    For Christ's Glory,

    Grace E. Sauve <><

  2. Critique by my dad:

    #1. The Maiden has the greatest impact as subject.
    The texture and contrast of the bridge has the greatest impact.
    The shadow on the ball is the most striking.

    #2. In each of the photos I like the harper (I'm partial), the sense of perspective on the bridge, ond the contrast between light and dark on the post.

    #3. Changes in each of the photos would be: not so much of a closeup on the 'Maiden', a little more exposure on the 'Bridge', and also slightly more exposure on the 'Post'.

    Nice work overall!

    Mr. Marshall

  3. Allison,
    First off thanks for asking me to participate!

    1.Celtic Maiden-The pose of the model adds to the contemplative mood of the photo. Excellent job on the model's part!

    Jungle Bridge and Porch Post- The contrast of the lighting on both makes them very striking.

    2. Celtic Maiden-my favorite part is the consistancy of the photo, not only is the girl dressed correctly but the harp is also Celtic as well.I love to see it when someone takes the time to ensure the accurancy of a photo.

    Jungle Bridge-I love the way the path takes a turn, making us cuorious as to where it might lead.

    Porch Post-The lighting on the post is great,the contrast of dark and light is excellent as well.

    3. Celtic Maiden-Changing the background on the photo would be my only change to this photo.

    Jungle Bridge- Lighten up the front of the bridge abit so you could tell better of what it is made of therefore making it easier to guess where it might be located and add to the flavor of the picture.

    Porch Post- Black and White would add even more to the contrast of light and dark on the post.

    Thanks again for letting me participate!
    Carol DeLadurantey

  4. Thank you to the panelists: Grace, Carol, and Papa!
    Your critiques are great and I believe I'll ask for another one soon!



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