Friday, August 26, 2005

We Want Your Opinion!

Dear Fringe Focus Readers,

We are always looking for new topics to update the Focus with. Below are a couple of ideas that the Editors have in mind. Please list in descending order (Top of the list being your greatest preference, and listing in descending order.) the topics you would prefer to learn more about:

  • Basic Adobe Photoshop Techniques
  • The Power of a Pose ( Art & Portrait)
  • How to earn $$ from your Photography Business
  • Interactive Posts ( Photo Critiquing/Comparisons, etc.)
  • Camera Critiques (Sony/Nikon/Canon?)
  • Creating Art with your Camera
  • Wide Angle- Why WIDE?
  • The Intrigue of Contrast
  • Photographer Biographies
  • What's Inside my Camera? The 'Inside' Scoop. (How your Camera takes a Picture.)

These are just a few ideas. Please also include any ideas that you have in mind, in your comment/email. If you are a photographer and would like to write something for the Focus, please either leave a comment, or email us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Editors


  1. Jane P.9:04 AM

    Excellent Blog, Interesting and informative! Beautiful photos.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My vote for topics, in order of my interest (i.e., what I need to get better at):

    1) Power of Pose (art/portrait)
    2) Creating art with your camera
    3) Intrigue of contrast
    4) Interactive Posts
    5) Wide angle, why wide?
    6) How to earn $$ from photography

    Not so interested in (and why):

    Photoshop techniques (I'm probably an advanced user of Photoshop, though not quite a guru...)

    Photographer biographies (lol...never cared for biographies in school!)

    What's inside your camera? (not sure what this is...)

    Camera critiques (Steve's Digicams does such a thorough job...)

  3. Ok. I am going to comment on my own post!
    This is what I would like to see coming in the future for the Focus:

    1)How to Earn $$ from your Photography Business

    2)Interactive Blog Posts (I like the dialogue. It is great to hear other oppinions as well as critiques.)

    3)Photography Biographies

    4)The Intrigue of Contrast (I love contrast!)

    Those are four topics that greatly interest me. I also would like to have someone write on wedding photography. I myself would not be that person, since I have never done a wedding! Advanced Photoshop Techniques would also be an outstanding topic. I have learned a lot on my own, but it is always great to learn new things and ways to use the tools you have.


  4. Now the other Editor will comment!

    1) How to earn $$ from a photography business.

    2) Interactive Posts (I enjoy the pointers from other eyes!)

    3)Basic Photoshop Techniques (All I did was plunge in and figure out how to improve the quality of photos. Help for the 'whys' and 'hows' someday would be greatly appreciated!)

    Weddings are great photo opportunities, and though I'm not yet ready to shoot weddings professionally, taking candids would be very exciting!


  5. Ok guys, heres my list of things that I would like to learn and see more about on the Fringe...

    1) Basic Adobe Photoshop Techneques. (Really need some help on this!)

    2) How to earn $$ for your photography (This would be very helpful!!!)

    3)The intrigue of Contrast (I would really like to see stuff about this!! Ideas and such)

    4) Interactive Blog Posts (I liked this Idea, though I won't say that I'm am very good at critiquing!)

    5) The Power of a Pose ( always a fun subject!)

    If and when I ever get a new Digital Camera (working with my 35mm and saving up right now) I would like to try wedding photography!!! Even just going along and following in the shadow of a pro, and getting tips and ideas would be fun!!!


  6. I second that wedding idea Grace! Maybe we could team up sometime and figure out a way to 'shadow'!


  7. The Power of a Pose(Art & Portrait)
    The Intrigue of Contrast
    Creating Art with your Camera


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