Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Keep The Babies Alive - Vote For Life!!

Did you know that the Michigan Constitution does not protect the life of pre-born babies in the womb? The upstanding citizens of Michigan have decided to do something about it. A petition drive began in January with the goal of placing this issue on the ballot later this year.

The petition, which has collected thousands of signatures already, and has gained interest in other states, seeks to amend the MI Constitution to say that life begins at conception. All of children yet to be born are hanging in the balance: will they be lawfully protected, or will they be subjcet to murderous abortions, as thousands of other babies have been?

You and I were in the the very same position that future babies are now facing, we were all once pre-born and defenseless babies, however, we are here enjoying the world that God made, so please help the ones that cannot speak yet: vote to keep the babies alive!!!

Allison Marshall
Fringe Focus Editor

To find out more information about the petition drive in Michigan, and how you can add your name to the petition, go to

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