Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Color vs. Light: You Decide

When you snap a photograph, you capture light. The word 'photography' literally means to "write with light". However, when using color film/color digital we capture color as well; sometimes we can lose the perspective of 'light' by getting lost in 'color'.

So, which is more intriguing and interesting to you in the above photos? Does color add or detract from the image?Is 'light' enough, or does your eye need 'color' to bring interest to these images?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! You don't have to be a photographer to participate in our interactive posts, so comment away!

If you click on each photo it should enlarge. This may help you to study the photo more closely.

-Sarah DeLadurantey
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  1. is hard to say sometimes! Personally with the kitten pictures, I'm going to go with the color. The B&W is precious, too, but the color seems to draw me into the picture more. :D

  2. Hi Sarah and Allison!
    I am no photographer, but I like the color photoes better. The Light ones have a neat look and sometimes are the best to use, but the colored ones are the ones that attract me most.

    See you later!
    Amber Thompson

  3. For the kitten photo, color and for the bird photo, black & white (light).

    I chose these because in the kitten picture there are color continuity that is lost in the Black & White version. For instance the morter of the bricks is a very close color to the kitten itself. I believe this helps to keep the subject mentally in the surroundings and appreciate the photo as a whole rather then just a nice shot of a kitten..

    In contrast to the kitten, with the bird photo, I like the stormy feel of the black and white version and then when you add the white bird soring through the dark sky, it is very symbolic of what the Christian life should reflect. It is harder to get this symbolism in the color photo in my opinion.

    Very nice photos.



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