Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking back on 2007...

One of the cutest and sweetest girls in the kids program
at church. I was just sniper shooting, and I don't think
she even knows I got this! There's a lot going on in her life.
Makes me think of what goes on behind others' eyes...
what goes on in the hearts and minds of others?
What don't we see?

This was taken at camp...too many memories
there to write down...But this one reminds me
it's always worth a good pic to make a humbling
sacrifice...not one minute after snapping the pic
I slid and landed in the mud (don't worry the camera
was safe in my hand, being held up and away from the
mud) but I've got a pic to be proud of :)
Also makes me think of all the friends that are
my 'adopted siblings', how awesome it is to
have them around, and how blessed I am. :)
~ Frances Bonjour

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