Friday, June 13, 2008

Selecting a Background for People Portraits

In this post I'll be sharing the things I learned in the HP Online Class I took a few weeks ago.

Tips for selecting a good location:
~If you can shoot outdoors, find a spot with simple mid-tones such as foliage, a wall, or the beach.
On a sunny day try to find a shady spot.

~When shooting indoors, use a wall, curtained window, or a sheet or blanket hanging on the wall.
This will keep your subjects on center stage.
~If your subjects have darker skin, choose a background that is similar in tone. This will help
you keep the correct exposure, and keep the focus on the subject
~Shoot photos where the professionals do. Research photographers in your area to see where
they like to take photos. Botanical gardens? A local park, historical home, or museum?
Local magazines and web sites are also good places to find location cues.

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