Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Engagement Photo Tips:
  • Have the couple dress in similar or complementary colors
    (also avoid colors that would blend into the background)
  • Use all available resources, including trees, rivers, flowers,
    and any props that are important to the couple.
    (Barak proposed by singing a song and playing his guitar,
    so I asked him to pose with it.)

  • The couple usually has ideas for shots they want,
    or they may come up with ideas as the shoot goes along,
    so use them!
  • If you can, bring one of their siblings or friends along
    to help with posing ideas or comic relief so you can get
    natural smiles from the couple, plus some great candids!
  • Avoid poses that are uncomfortable. Though the idea is
    good, once they get into that pose and find, for example,
    that the sun is in their eyes, the resulting photos may not
    be their favorites because they remember how uncomfortable it was.

  • Always keep shooting. Never stop taking pictures.
    Always, always, keep shooting. :) Candid moments
    pop up all the time!
  • Pretend you are not paying any attention to the couple,
    and take some shots of them interacting. They'll
    love to look at those and remember how much fun they had!

Happy clicking!
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