Sunday, August 17, 2008

Next up on the Fringe In Focus

The polls say you would like to have weekly photo assignments! you go!

It will start in September and here are the guidelines:

  • there will be four categories per month: people, color, abstract, and season
  • you can participate in any or all of the week assignments, or even do one per month
  • simply take as many photos of each idea as you want, and send me your best one (if you have more than one, drop me a note and I will see about putting them up) Fringe Mailbox
  • anyone can send in photos, have your family members take some, too!
  • the pictures will be posted on the Fringe Blog
  • Send in deadline are Saturdays, and the assignments will be Monday thru Friday, postings will appear on Sunday
  • have fun!
Some of the assignments will be more like challenges, so have your shutter finger ready!

I'll be taking photos too :)


1 comment:

  1. Grace7:06 PM

    Sounds like fun! Thanks for keeping this going.


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