Friday, September 26, 2008

This week's assignment- Hope

We'll do an 'abstract' assignment this week.
Your task is to capture:

HOPE a photo or two!

Have fun!


Fringe Mailbox

(9/30)P.S. The deadline is Saturday, October 4th :)


  1. Hi Allison!!

    I just found your blog through
    - actually just found that one too. I was wondering, is it okay for anybody to submit photos?? I just went to IPS a few weeks ago (if you know what that is) and would love to participate in these assignments, if you wouldn't mind.

    Thanks!! My name is Ruth Ann. I do not have a blog as of yet, so my profile is the only thing that is there.

    ~ Ruth Ann

  2. Hi Ruth Ann :)

    So glad you found my site! Yes! I'd love to go to IPS myself one of these days, gotta save some money first :)

    Yes, anyone can submit photos, and I'll put the mail link in the post so you can go right to it.
    Feel free to browse the other assignments and have fun with those, too :)


  3. Allison,

    Thanks for letting me know! Is there a deadline on when they need to be submitted - is it by the end of the week, or ??

    IPS is absolutely fantastic, so I'm sure you will absolutely love it when, Lord willing, you can go. I learned so much and it was such a great time. They are supposed to be putting next year's schedule up there soon...and they did say that they are having some classes in FL in January.

    Well, have a blessed day!

    ~ Ruth Ann

  4. Ruth Ann,
    Yes, the deadline is Saturday, Oct. 4th. :)



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