Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Criteria for the "Perfect" Picture!

Want to take a perfect photo?
Here are some starting tips:

#1. Purpose
Have a specific message or emotion in mind.
If you don't have something, it will show in
the photo. Make it up if you can't
think of a purpose off hand. (Ex."I'll
put this on a card for my sister.")
You'll then be able to visualize how the
end product will look, and that will
guide your eye as you take the shot.
My purpose for the above photo, was to capture
students at work photographing a huge cathedral.
I enjoy the 'behind-the-scenes' view :)

#2. Emotional Appeal - must impact
The photo needs to draw your attention
to what's inside the frame. This can
be accomplished by applying good
photographic principles the scene
you want to capture. One of the
emotional appeals in the photo above
is that your eye travels down the wall
and you see every photographer.
The girl walking into the frame leads
your eye to where you guess she is
heading, and tada! you see another
photographer, and you go down the wall
again :) The rate of how well you made
a good photo is determined by how long
someone looks at it!

#3. Audience
Who or what are you shooting for?
It helps to show photos to people
that have an intrest in your subject matter.
Did you shoot a birthday party? The family
and guests will be the ones who will enjoy
those photos the most. More than, say,
the person who needs you to photograph
the local rodeo event :) (Though I will
add that, even birthday photos can
interest other clients, if you have
captured the essence and emotions
of the party. Other clients will want
the same attention given to their event!)
I shot the above photo mostly for
a memory of the photography
class I took. Since several
of the students are in it,
they and their families will
be the most interested parties :)

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