Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picturesque Portraits Part 5

Posing Basics

Your subjects will give you genuine smiles
and expressions if you get to know (or already know)
them before bringing out the camera.
Talk to them before and during the shoot,
and with children, take playtime breaks
in between posing.

You can demonstrate the pose for them, and also
ask if the pose you choose feels natural and
comfortable to them.

Use action to get spontaneous natural expressions.
This is really helpful with children as well.
Have the kids give you their best sports(boys)
or princess(girls) pose, or character face.
They usually enjoy acting on command!

For slightly older subjects (grin)
have them jump off something,
peek out from behind a tree,
swing around a lampost,
swing on a swing, climb a tree,
pose with a pet or object they like,
or anything else you can think of!
They probably have good ideas, too :)

"If it bends, bend it!"

Masculine Poses:
-Strong angular stances
-Head square with the
shoulders or tilted towards
the lower shoulder
-Hips held straitght
-Weight on back foot
-Minimize waist
-Hands in soft fist,
or in pocket.

And fellas like leaning on
something, or anything :)
So find a good leaning spot
and adjust head etc. accordingly.

Feminine Poses:
-Gentle, flowing stance
-Head tilted towards high shoulder
-Arms gracefully positioned,
each finger seperated
and positioned
-Back arched (weight on
back foot)
-Minimize waist and thighs

Have her twist slightly at the waist
so that her shoulders aren't even
with her hips. Keeping the arms
away from the body also helps
to slim the figure :)
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  1. Us Bendixens make good pictures ;-) haha

  2. Yes, I always want genuine smiles, and sometimes they're hard to get. But it helps to engage yourself with the person/people so they feel more comfortable and you get more relaxed poses and expressions. :)

  3. El,
    You sure do...miss having ya'll around for models :-D

    Ruth Ann,
    It sure does, and I can get caught up in the elements of portraiture and forget to put the models at ease first!



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