Thursday, June 11, 2009

God does indeed order our steps...

Hello my friends!
So sorry to have been so quiet for so long!
Life has been pretty busy and sitting down to blog
hasn't been top priority for some days now :)

I was able to purchase an upgraded computer last week,
so now I really have no excuse to keep the Fringe updated
more often! For those of you who would like to do Black and
White, I will be posting tips in July and you get to do
B&W assignments in August, should be tons of fun...
love B&W....

Yesterday I was planning to get a bunch of picture CDs made
for some people, update blogs, update my website,
get ready for today's shoot at the pregnancy center,
etc. when around 10:30 in the morning our power was
shut off! That was rather surprising! I was thinking
'Oh, just one of those fluke-y power-outs and it'll probably
come on soon.'

Hours passed.

My laptop was running on battery so I could do a few things,
though our wireless card had no power, so no internet.
During past power-outages the mantra in our house is
'Do-not-open-the-fridge-unless-you-are really-fast-and-even-then-think-again' :D
so we limited ourselves to what was in the pantry and hoped the fresh milk
would be okay. Thankfully the well is seperate so we could use water.

Hours passed.

I decided to conserve laptop battery, shut it down,
and went in search of my violin "at least I'll get some
practice in...practicing wasn't top priority today, but it is now!"
After that I caught up on some books and some sleep.

Still no power.

Mama went to pick up Papa from his carpool place, and my sister
from a ranch, then he went out again to get some pizza dinner,
and by this time we had found out that the shut-off was done
to the wrong house, but they wouldn't turn it on till tomorrow.
Our dear friends invited us over for an evening swim and they
supplied us with extension cords, a flashlight, and a fan.

Morning came without power, and the warm house reminded
us of Michigan, we don't have air in that house either :)
The power was turned on around 9:30 and we are now enjoying
a present state of coolness....and we now we can't use the water...!

So God re-arranged our Wednesday and Thursday which was perfectly fine :)

-Thursday was pretty crowded with a long session at the theraputic ranch,
my photography session at the Preg. Center, and a violin lesson.
-We found out on Wed. that the session doesn't start till next week
which cleared up the morning.
-My dad was going to have a meeting at the same time as the photo shoot,
so I canceled the shoot (we only have one car at present) which cleared
up the afternoon.
-My violin teacher cancelled the lesson since he would be celebrating
his 25th anniversary that week, which cleared up the evening.
-I got some practice, reading, and sleep in which was not going to
be part of the day, but are things I did need to get done :)
-We took it easy yesterday, had pizza for dinner, and went swimming :)
-It was a good reminder not to take power or running water for granted
-We realized how unprepared we are for emergancies of this kind,
and need to get ready for any which may come someday
-We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset on the way to the pool :)

Nothing tragic happened, we just had a re-arrangement of priorites,
and now we are getting ready to have the house shown, so we'll
probably take the dogs to the dog park while Mama goes for water :)

So my friends, if God rearranges your days, He knows why, and if
you'll praise Him regardless of what happens, He will be glorified
and you might even see a beautiful sunset :)

In His Love,

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  1. Wow, you sound busy!! Glad you're back! I'll definately try to enter the challenge today or tomorrow. But you never know what can happen in the meantime... :)

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I absolutley love it!

    I love photography, and your blog has many great ideas.

    I was wondering what kind of camera you have? I am looking at some canon slr's and was curious to know what brand you have.

    Thanks Emily

  3. I'm glad to be back! I'm hoping to be more regular....'meantimes' happen rather often, don't they? :D


  4. Hi Emily!

    Welcome to the Fringe In Focus! I'm so glad you 'stopped' by! I love 'meeting' new friends :)

    I use a Canon Rebel XT (6 megapixels). I've had it since 2006 and it's been a great camera :) I use Tamron and Canon lenses with it and have been pretty happy with my photos :)

    Drop me an email if you have any other questions, and I'd be happy to do my best and answer them :)

    Your Photography Friend,


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