Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July's Assignments

Week One: June 30th-July 6th
"Red, White & Blue"

Week 2: July 7th-13th

Week 3 July 14th-20th
"Symbols of Freedom"

Week 4: July 21st-27th
"Your Independence Day Celebration Memories"

Fringe Mailbox

Can't wait to see each and every one of your entries!
Anyone in your family who likes to take photos
is always welcome to join and send in pictures!!

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  1. I forgot to ask you Allison, but in the bottom picture who are those two girls? the one in front looks kinda like you...

  2. They are two of my sisters :) We were in a parade last 4th of July and dressed up to honor the military. It was such fun :)



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