Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 4 Independence Day Celebration Memories: Esther

Firework photos are fun, fantastic,
and simply fabulous!
Thanks, Esther!
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  1. Very cool!! New blog layout is great, too... LOVE that header!!

  2. I LOVE the new header, Allison! The new background looks great, too. :) Love the colors.

    Great pictures, Esther! Fireworks are hard to capture on camera and have them look like they do in real life. I'm still working on it. :)

  3. The header is so cool! I really like it. =)

    I won Hannah's 200th post giveaway. She said to come over here and leave you a comment that I won a header from you. Yeah!


  4. Oh, btw I love the pics! Good job Esther! =)

  5. Hey
    In reply to your comment...yeah, I need help. I reset everything and that still did not help anything...auughhh! lol If you can help that would be awesome. If you don't want to don't worry about. Thanks so much for the help you gave though....ttyl

  6. Oooh! Love these pictures!!

    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. It is so encouraging to hear from my blog readers!! :)

  7. HI Allison! I was just letting you know that you won my photography contests and I need your address.

    ~Hannah Paige

  8. Thank you! I had fun taking the fringe photos and learning how to re-arrange 'stuff'...took me a few days, but I think I managed okay :)



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