Monday, August 03, 2009

B&W: What?
· Black and white removes color from photos.
· It is a means of communicating emotion in portraiture and photojournalism.

B&W: Why?
Photojournalism tells a story and is known to have an earthy, gritty feel.

B&W: How?
Black and white photos are images of contrast and tone.

When taking your B&W pictures look for highlights, shadows, and tones of light.
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  1. Hannah10:03 AM

    Nice pictures! I love B&W!

    By the way, is that Jessica Shae in the first picture?

  2. Yes she is! I visited her blog from time to time, then in February we attended the very same photography course!!
    We eventually realized that we already 'knew' each other when we were discussing our favorite blogs!
    Such fun!



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