Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double Weekly Assignment!

I loved seeing all the fun you have been having with B&W! So we are going to finish out August with a DOUBLE Weekly Assignment!

(Okay...wow..August is almost gone...am I the only one who thinks time flies??)

Here you go! B&W Filters and B&W Family Memory or Portrait

The Filter assignment can be completed either with actual filters that you can put on your camera, or 'filtered' in your photo editing software. (If you don't have either, send your color pics to me, I'll change them and post on the blog). Filters in B&W have neat effects on the shadows and light, and are great for all kinds of subjects.

The Family assignment can be a photo from summer 09 or it can be taken during the week and entered. If you take it in color please change it to B&W before sending it in :)

Some examples...

Can you see the difference between the filter effects? The strongest filters are red, green, and blue. Orange and yellow give a more subtle touch.

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