Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a note... say 'Hi!' :)

While I do have internet, getting my pictures recognized by a different computer is turning out to be rather difficult :)

I am house-sitting at a 'Netherfield Hall'(of sorts!), and taking care of the family dog...go ahead and guess his name!!! pictures for awhile...going through a slight 'posting withdrawal' :D

I hope to post soon...yes, I call all times 'soon' !



  1. Hope you have fun housesitting!!! Um, is the dog's name Charles? Is that what you mean by Netherfield Hall? =) How about Rover? Most dogs are named Rover.

  2. Is that a picture of the house your are house-sitting at? :D

    What a neat house!

  3. @Hannah P.: Yes, it has been fun..quiet, but fun :) You are really close with 'Charles', really close! Not Rover though :)

    @Rachel M.: I wish!! The house I'm staying in is quite a bit smaller than this I'm still in America, while this manor is in England :( :) It is called Edgecote Hall and was used as Netherfield Hall in Pride & Predjudice (A&E version).

    It is quite pretty, don't you think? :)

  4. Hi Allison,
    I got the link to this post from one of my close friends, and I just had to comment!!! Thank you for sharing this photo! What fun!!

    I just love anything that reminds me of Jane Austen!! This house really does look like Netherfield Hall! Hooray for Pride and Prejudice!

    I also extreemly enjoy photography!! I'll be watching this blog for sure!!!

    Thanks again!!

  5. Hi Ashley!

    Welcome to the Fringe In Focus! I saw by your blog that you and Emily are friends, and photo-friends at that!! Such fun :)

    I've enjoyed looking at your blog and reading about your trip to the ATI conference. My family and I have gone several times, and choir is definitely a favorite of mine as well :)

    Keep up with the excellent photography!


  6. Oh okay :) That is neat that the house pictured there was used in Pride and Prejudice!

    Very pretty. :)



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