Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And Thanks Goes To....

Hannah Ruth at Farmgirl in Flipflops!
Thank you, Hannah, for sending me this
award! You are so kind :)
Check out her blog, my friends, and comment
on her great photography! I love her
pictures of her siblings :)

Okay, to claim this award I need to do the following five things:

1. Mention (in glowing terms) the blog(s) and person(s) who was/were kind enough to award you, and give a quick description and the link to their blog(s).
2. Name five of your favorite blogs, tell the reason why you award them, and notify them of their great winning!
3. Answer the ten random questions (found below).
4. Have fun!!

5 favorite blogs:

Hannah & Esther at DeL Sisters Kitchen
Dear friends of mine (going on 15 yrs now?)
They have s.c.r.u.m.p.t.i.o.u.s recipes and
yummy-looking pictures!

Laura & Elizabeth at Proverbs 31 Sisters
2 other sister-friends who love
sewing, writing, raw food,
and photography :)

A friend from MI.
I enjoy seeing pictures of her
siblings, vacations, and friends
because I miss them all!!
Check out her sisters' blogs too!

Molly Rose at Imago Photography
Adorable family photos
and excellent wedding photography!

Arielle Joy
She has the same middle name as me :)
Love her photography :)
Reeeally cute puppy photo up there!

1. Have you ever ridden an elephant? Yes.
2. Ever eaten squid? I hope I never have to :)
3. What is something crazy you've done with your best friend?
Trying to find the home of a sponsor of our concert to deliver a
thank-you gift to the wife. It was an adventure complete with
rutted dirt roads and everything!
4. Ever held an alligator? Not yet.
5. Would you let a snake slither through your fingers? Yes, a tame one
6. What's your first and foremost dream in life?
To love Jesus above all and serve Him for the rest of my life...
and to go on photo shoots with husband (when I marry)
7. What's your dream vacation?
Visiting Italy
8. What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?
One of them is You've Got Mail
9. What's your favorite song?
"May The Mind of Christ"
10. If you could change the world in one way, what would that be?
To faithfully point the way to Christ and raise the next generation for Him.


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  2. Congrats on the award! I love your blog, and I just found it. I am now following you too. Your photography is amazing! I would love if you came by my blog and followed me.

    Many blessings,

  3. Thank you for the award!! :) I'm glad you like my blog.


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