Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Photographic Journey by Allison

While still a young girl, I excitedly spotted a small, lavender-colored camera as I examined some items at a yard sale. With my mother's permission, I proudly purchased my very first camera! Hours later, I was happily snapping away. After about a week of tense waiting, the film was developed and I had My Very Own Pictures! I was ecstatically hooked. This minute purchase was my first step into the photographic world.

Consequently, as the years passed, I began using higher-grade point and shoot cameras. My subjects, which at first barely possessed anything beyond young creativity(I was nothing close to an infant marvel), gradually attained more purpose. By the time I reached my late 'teens, I was definitely ready for a "grown-up" camera. My wise father surfed the internet, and ordered an SLR of a dependable quality, and I eagerly awaited the now anticipated package! To commence my hobby with a yard sale purchase and later to reach the pinnacle of owning a 35mm Canon Rebel Ti was positively thrilling!

As my wonderful Fringe Focus Friend Sarah mentions, we didn't fully grasp the idea of an online photography newsletter until last summer. I believe that the smooth success which we have had in arranging this whole endeavor is the result of our desire to make a stand, in this part of the art world, for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to this, we also desire to serve our fellow Christian, or otherwise, photographers by providing an alternative to the usually offensive methods of obtaining photographic information. By way of closing, please feel free to write us with questions and even ideas for future blog posts at

All articles, photos, and other information submitted for posting are subject to careful scrutiny and may be rejected if so discerned.

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  1. Allison,

    Wonderful article! Thanks for all your hard work in managing this and getting it all up on the web!

    Your Friend and fellow Editor,


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