Sunday, February 06, 2005

Photography And Me By Sarah

As my mother always said, "There is always one photographer in every family". This statement says nothing of the talent of said photographer, but it does give everyone a little insight into this member's mind, heart, and soul. A documenter of life, capturer of memories, thought provoker, laughter producer and an artist; this is the description of the photographer. Be it a desire to keep memories close or make a few dollars, photography has brought a great amount of art and joy to the generations that have reveled in its realm.

When my hands fell upon the body of our new Nikon N60 about five years ago, it took brute force to pry my fingers back off. I will never forget the day we bought that camera; something clicked on inside me that I cannot describe. My eagerness to discover the mysteries of this newly acquired instrument grew like that of a girl for romance novels, a woman for luscious chocolate, or a man over a new power tool!

With the years that passed, my parents began to realize my heart and dreams, and encouraged me in them. However, one of our hardest trials was finding appropriate photography books. I quickly learned that you never take an unkown book on this subject from the library! Why were there so few books? Where were the Godly photographers? When would more resources be made available? How could I make an effect on the art around me, and help moral Christian photographers find the resources, and find others like themselves?

I have a friend; she is a really good friend. Her name is Allison. Allison and I have known each other for years, and shared many common ties. However, neither of us realized till our late teens that there was a common denominator and passion for the art of photography, Godly photography, between us. We both desired to see Christian photographers bonding together and encouraging one another in Godly art forms. From this discovery, a dream was born, and a vision ensued. Our plans ranged from monthly mailings, to online newsletters, or websites; but all with the same purpose in mind. However, as time passed we began to say,"Well, whenever we get that website up" or "When we learn how to put a website together". Though our dreams were never extinguished, our lives continued to mount with other more pressing commitments, until one day we discovered Allison immediately approached me with the idea of starting a blog, until we had the time and money to start a website or newsletter of our own. So with a purpose and vision that had been baking for a year, we branched out on this unique idea and now here resides (Please see Allison's article of explanation on our name: "The Fringe In Focus".) We pray that you are blessed by our web blog. Our dream is to help pros and amateurs alike find tips and encouragement in all areas of photography.

If you have an article that you would like to place on our blog,comments, or questions, please send them to All articles are subject to review,. editing, and rejection for any reason found necessary.


  1. Hello Sarah and Allison! I am excited to see what your future in photography holds! I am Nathan's sister, living in Washington state. We are many miles away, but I can see that we could be good friends. I too delight in the world of photography. I know all too well the need for some quality books on the art of the camera. When helping to move my grandmother out of her home a couple years ago, I found a photography book, published by Kodak, entitled HOW TO MAKE GOOD PICTURES: A BOOK FOR THE EVERY-DAY PHOTOGRAPHER. I believe it was printed in the 40s. I have scanned through it and there are some lovely pictures and some great information. I do treasure the book since it came from my grandmother, but it would be a shame not to share it. If you're interested I will send you the book to look over and you can return it at your convience. I would love to swap pictures with you sometime. I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Christy Marble9:35 AM

    Sarah- I'm excited to see where this goes :) I would love to see some more of your work!

  3. Thanks Christy! I am excited to. I am hopeing to someday have my own website for my photos. If I ever do get it up, I will be sure to announce it:)



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