Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Writer's Pen...

My friend, Miss Lizzy at The Writer's Pen tagged me....so here it is!

What are six names you go by?
Al, Allie, Big Al, Tricksy, hmmm....that's about it :D

What are three things you're wearing right now?
A black skirt, green long-sleeved shirt under a pink & green plaid western shirt, and a tan velour hoodie

What are three things you want very badly right now?
A better violin, a better camera, a photography trip around the world (I dream big...)

What are three things you did last night/ yesterday?
Finished a book, practiced my violin, blogged

What are two things that you ate today?
Fruit cobbler and lasagne

Who are the last two people you talked to on the phone?
My violin teacher, my mom, my sister

What are two things you're going to do today/tomorrow?
Work on the computer, and make dinner

What are your three favorite beverages?
Ginger ale, homemade punch, and hot chocolate

Thank you Lizzy! These things are fuuuunn! :D
Thanks also for posting about my contest a few weeks ago!

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